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ACT is a leader in public opinion research and strategic consulting in Caucasus Region. Through science and creativity, we provide our client with knowledge, idea and inspiration to become more powerful and create something valuable and important.


2014-07-28 Luxury Goods / Immobile property

Acquisition and renewal of durable goods and immobile property has only practical value for a part of population; another part views these goods as investment. 

2014-07-22 In cooperation with Georgian partners, ACT founded a company ACT Kazakhstan in Almaty

In June 2014 ACT with a Georgian partner – Tamar Babukhadia founded ACT Kazakhstan in Almaty. The new office will be under the leadership of Alua Satibaldieva. 

Case Studies

Examples of interesting projects in research and consulting.

2014-07-18 Popular musical instruments among Tbilisi Residents

The history of musical instruments counts millennia. In the modern day, many families own the variety of musical instruments, whether they know how to play on them or not.