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2014-10-17 News Sources

The results of the study showed that concerning the information sources, the population of Tbilisi in general gets the information from Georgian television channels (76%). It is significant to note that only two out of five people in Tbilisi (41%) think of the television as a reliable information source. 

2014-10-15 ACT and University of Georgia signed a memorandum of cooperation

ACT and University of Georgia signed a memorandum of cooperation. Within the scopes of this memorandum, public opinion study and strategic consulting company ACT will ensure recruitment and internship of University’s staff as well as take care of internship and assist employment of students graduating from programs of social sciences school of the mentioned university.

Within the scopes of this memorandum, ACT and University of Georgia will jointly implement research and other types of activities (including twinning projects) which will assist establishment of long-term cooperation.



Case Studies

Examples of interesting projects in research and consulting.

2014-10-10 The attitudes of the population of Tbilisi towards the KaZantip Festival

Should have the festival “KaZantip” taken place in Georgia, or not? There were many discussions and written opinions on this topic. It is interesting what the population of Tbilisi thinks about the festival being held in Georgia.