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2014-03-14 Behavior and attitudes of movie lovers

In the modern world, movie lovers have an opportunity to search online and watch any desired movies free without going out. Despite this, cinemas still manage to attract spectators with different offers (newest movies, showing movies in 3D format, etc). 

2014-03-09 Ecological Conditions in Tbilisi

While it is well known that ecological condition of environment is vital to the survival and well-being of its inhabitants, it is often neglected in favor of city expansion. Greening levels decline as city develops and increase of hi-emission vehicles does not help to reduce this rate either.  

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2014-02-20 Attitude towards astrological predictions

Since ancient times people believe that positioning of celestial objects influence vital functions, luck, wealth, success, illness or wellness of mankind. Modern astrology uses both – exact sciences and esoteric to predict different outcomes. This is why some believe Astrology to be a full-scale science; some consider it a superstition or a pseudo-science. Despite of this differences society’s interest in astrology was always high.