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ACT is a leader in public opinion research and strategic consulting in Caucasus Region. Through science and creativity, we provide our client with knowledge, idea and inspiration to become more powerful and create something valuable and important.


2014-04-17 Attitude of Tbilisians towards the ongoing events in Crimea

Ukraine has the world’s attention since November, 2013. Former government’s refusal to sign the Association Agreement with EU provoked massive protest rallies in Euromaidan, Kiev. This prompted the president’s and government’s resignation.  

2014-04-11 Healthy Tbilisi

It is common knowledge that healthy lifestyle is the key to health of body and its normal functioning. Some people try to help their bodies with different recreational activities – some prefer running, some are occupied with sports games on weekends while some prefer to use the service of recreational sports complex.  

Case Studies

Examples of interesting projects in research and consulting.

2014-04-04 How many languages do you know?

Knowledge of foreign languages gains more and more importance in the modern world due to globalization. Together with practical importance, knowledge of foreign languages has always been associated with erudition and prestige.