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ACT is a leader in public opinion research and strategic consulting in Caucasus Region. Through science and creativity, we provide our client with knowledge, idea and inspiration to become more powerful and create something valuable and important.


2015-03-06 Attitudes of Tbilisi Resident concerning Panorama Tbilisi Project

The project and the involved territories have caused quite a discussion among residents of the capital – a part of Tbilisi residents strongly oppose the project, while the other part finds it completely acceptable. 

2015-03-03 Attitudes of Tbilisi Residents Concerning the Ukraine Crisis

According to the research, 70% think that this is an aggression towards independent Ukraine, while 17% think that these the fight is between Ukraine’s central government and Ukrainian separatists. 

Case Studies

Examples of interesting projects in research and consulting.

2015-02-20 Valentine’s Day

As ACT research shows, almost every resident of the capital has heard of Valentine’s Day (98%). Moreover, 8 out of ten know the exact date, as well (February 14).