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2015-04-24 Noisy Tbilisi

As the research results show, one third of the capital residents (31%) are bothered by the outside noise in the evenings. According to the respondents, the noise of the vehicles is the most irritating type (16%).  

2015-04-20 Attitudes toward City Cleaning and Greenery

Quite a large portion of Tbilisi citizens (43%) think that there have not been any changes in city cleaning in the last three years. 

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2015-04-03 The Effects of Georgian Lari Conversion Rate on Tbilisi Citizens

ACT asked residents of Tbilisi whether the fluctuation of national currency impacted their financial situation - seven out of ten (70%) say that devaluation of Lari had negative effect on their financial situation (very negatively – 46% and negatively – 24%).