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2014-11-21 Violence against women – problem in public awareness

According to World Health Organization, 35% of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. Globally, as many as 38% of murders of women are committed by an intimate partner. 

2014-11-14 Tendencies related to purchasing real estate

Purchasing real estate is one of the ways of investing money. It is becoming particularly popular in stable political and economic situation. ACT was interested to find out tendencies related to behavior of Tbilisi residents and preferences related to purchasing real estate especially due to political events taking part recently which obviously make an influence on activism of real estate market and purchasing value of citizens.

As a result of survey conducted by ACT, it was revealed that 16% of Tbilisi residents plan to purchase different types of real estate within the future 1-2 years. It is worth mentioning that relatively more demand goes towards purchasing of residential area – apartment or private house.

As for preferences related to location of real estate, tendencies show that the most demandable district is Saburtalo (30% of them who plan to purchase real estate are interested in this district). It is quite interesting that in general, central and/or so called prestigious districts are not in such a high priority and Tbilisi residents prefer to purchase real estate in districts such as Didube (including Dighomi massive), outskirts of Tbilisi and Nadzaladevi.

It is quite interesting, that potential buyers prefer to buy real estate in the district they are familiar with – where they live, which is familiar or where friends live. Besides, ecological situation and proximity to work/education institution are rather popular factors while selecting a certain district.

And finally, potential buyers of real estate are mostly 25-44 years old married men who are employed as hired workers and whose income exceeds 500 GEL.

The survey was conducted on 417 adult residents of Tbilisi in October, 2014. The statistical error of the data does not exceed 4.84%.

The survey was conducted exclusively for internet magazine “Marketer”. Third party must give a notice before using the given information fully or partially.


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2014-11-12 ACT Consulting Announces Logo Design Contest for Batumi

ACT Consulting announces a contest for designing a logo of Batumi. Designer of the winning logo will be awarded with 1200 GEL.